Fibre / Fiber For Feltmaking

Fibre / Fiber For Feltmaking 

Viscose for Felting
There are over 40 colours in stock.
Lena uses viscose to create fine felt, laminate felt and achieve beautiful textures.
Fine Merino Wool
Check our carefully selected packs of fine merino wool. It is great for feltmaking and spinning.
Silk Hankies For Feltmaking
There are over 20 colours in stock. Silk Hankies can be used for spinning and feltmaking. Lena uses silk hankies to create vibrant and colourful textures.
Flax / Linen For Felting
There are over 20 colours of flax / linen in stock. This fibre can be used for spinning or felting. It is great to add extra texture and embellishment.
Silk Sari Waste
Close to 20 colours of luxurious silk sari waste / throwsters.
Mixed Bags
Mixed Colours Packs of merino wool, viscose, linen and silk hankies for feltmaking and spinning.
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