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Herringbone wool layout in felt making

Updated: May 9, 2020

The quality of wet felt starts with a quality of wool layout.

There are many different felt layouts and the most common traditional when few layers are in different directions. This layout is great for wet felted pictures, felted sculptures and any interior items, such as felted cushions, felted rugs, table runners.

However, if you want to achieve soft, fine and slightly stretchable felt, then forget about classical layout and master herringbone wool layout. This layout is very common among feltmakers who create felted clothes.

Herringbone wool layout is usually in one layer with added fibers and silk.

If you look at parquet floor, it will give you an idea of the directions wool goes to form the required layout for felt.

There is a short demonstration of the layout is on my YouTube channel and the actual video is below.

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