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How to Stop Wool Being Hungry

I heard many times, 'wool ate my embellishment'. Oh yes, wool can be hungry and swallow all the beauty we planned to create. How to stop wool being hungry?

I made many mistakes during my 10 years of felting and learned mainly through my mistakes. I love my nuno felt and felt with embellishment being smooth without wool making designs dool. Wool needs to come through embellishment in order to get felted. However, with correct techniques and materials, it is easy to achieve beautiful and clean designs.

To avoid wool being hungry, I follow the main steps. Please check my Facebook Live video below.

  1. I have noticed that finer wool is less hungry. I prefer to work with 18.5 - 19 microns.

  2. I treat my felt very gently and do everything slowly.

  3. I do not use hot water or contrast temperature water during a felting process.

  4. I wear plastic disposable gloves when rubbing my felt through a net.

  5. I avoid rubbing on embellishment site.

  6. I do not do an aggressive fulling.

  7. I use wool the same tone or darker then embellishment. If wool lighter than silk or embellishment, then all the design looks washy.

Thank you for your attention and making beautiful felt.

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Thank you.

All the best


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