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Margilan Silk

                                                         Margilan Silk


Welcome to my collection of Margilan silk from Uzbekistan for sale. We buy silk from the factory in Uzbekistan and the fabric is a high quality.

We proud to offer 4 types of silk various width.


There are 4 main types of Margilan silk produced by he factory in Uzbekistan, such as

  • Margilan Rarefied (the thinest silk)

  • Margilan Gauze

  • Margilan Excelsior; and

  • Margilan Organza

Margilan silk is perfect for Nuno Felt, Dye and Eco Print and can be used in many ways. Please read my blog Nuno Felt - Tips and Hints, which gives a short introduction to nuno felt.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Please read my blog about Margilan Silk


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