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Feltmaking Membership - August Update

I was on holiday for a week on a canal boat without stable internet connection and my students have been creating, learning and supporting each other. When I created a membership, I did not know what to expect and how it would work. It works! A project, an online class, every month with many tips and techniques and it is suitable for any levels. I love to see my students using techniques learnt then adding own touch. I love the fact, that many students sell their work and would support anyone to create an income from their talents.

In August we were making a felted lace. There are many techniques how to make felted lace. I use a few myself. We have been learning a simple but effective lace technique. This technique can be applied to so many projects and can be used to create a very fine lace to a literally a solid felt.

These are some work from my students, Anne Bennett, Arlene Toth, Erica Monkelbaan, Marian May, Nancy Gummer, Nikki Wheatley, Norma Favelle, Sarah Dabell, Shelley Steele, Sheryll Macleod, Tammy Tahara, Wendy Stevens.

Can I please share some of the images from our canal boat holiday. If you find any inspiration in these images, please feel free to use.

Thank you


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