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Let's Dye a Cobweb Scarf with Fleeces

I made many samples and many scarves with a technique of Cobweb with Fleeces using natural colours. This became part of my online class, Cobweb Scarf / Shawl with Fleeces.

As I had a few samples, I decided to experiment with adding colour.

I use acid dye for this project. You can use acid dye in powder or liquid, Dylon or food colouring.

The process is very simple:

  1. Soak your felt in cold water adding vinegar.

  2. Mix your dye with hot water adding vinegar or lemon juice. I do not measure anything.

  3. Add your dye to warm water.

  4. Add your felt.

  5. Add heat. You can use different methods, such as microwave, seaming or steaming.

I explain the process in my video.

Please think safety when working with dyes, especially acid dyes.

  1. Work in well ventilated room or outside.

  2. Wear mask and gloves.

  3. Use dishes and microwave dedicated to dye process.

Please check the video for more information.

The full pre-recorded class is available here:

Thank you


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