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Nuno Felted Scarf Workshop

Updated: Dec 9, 2017

Today, the Eleventh of October three ladies joined me for Nuno Felted Scarf Workshop in our studio at K 36, Eleventh Avenue, Team Valley to create a nuno felted scarf.

Nuno felt? My most favorite form of textile art, I practice this nearly every day. Felt is one of the oldest textile techniques and nuno felt is one of the newest feltmaking technique, originated all the way from Australia.

We were creating a flowery nuno scarf using silk chiffon, merino wool and other materials.

The design of this scarf, created by Sheila was inspired by shoes. Apparently the shoes and the scarf are her birthday present for herself to celebrate her very important birthday and both items will be going to London next week with Sheaila.

This design was created by Sarah who loves gardening and teaches children where our vegetables and fruits come from.

…and design number three, Gilly loves purple, pinks and bright strong colours. She came to my needlefelted fairies then wet felted flowers and now nuno felted workshop. Her felted flower brooch has been admired by friends, family and colleagues and she wanted a matching scarf.

Design of nuno felted scarf is most relaxing and therapeutic and I should admit we all lost sense of time and spent 3 hours drinking Italian coffee, organic tea, eating my home made healthy apple pie, talking, laughing and creating. This is what it all about, having fun and enjoying a new craft. But then before feltmaking, we needed a little rest to have a lunch and get ready to tackle bingo wings, my ladies expression, not mine.

The ladies did lots of rolling and other tricks to make sure all wool glues to the silk. They really enjoyed tossing their scarves, I meant to say doing fulling the scarf before rinsing. Oh, I forgot to take a photo of the process, will do next time. They enjoyed and I kept asking them to take a break as feltmaking is physical, hard work. So, the results are….

We would possibly be still enjoying feltmaking. We have not noticed time flew fast till I received a phone call from my husband as apparently I should be home an hour ago.

Thank you for reading my blog and please accept my apologies for any bumps and holes in my English, my second language.

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