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This online course introduces you to Nuno Felt, Felted Lace and Felt Dye Techniques.

This class is suitable for beginners or anyone who would like to learn any of the above techniques.


You have an unlimited access to this class. When buying this class, please save the document with all the links on your drive.


The course includes 9 videos, over 2 hours of information.

You also will receive a free PDF tutorial how to create a felted flower.


You will be learning:


  • To create a long scarf if you have a standard size table.
  • A nuno felting technique.
  • Felted lace.
  • How to dye a nuno felt scarf in mono colour and multicolours. 
  • To use a technique to create various designs. 

Nuno Felted Scarf with Felted Lace Online Class

  • Lena sells Margilan Silk in various widths including 45 cm width.


    To create this scarf you will need:


    • approximatelly 2 meters of rarefied Margilan silk;

    • upto 50-70 grams of fine or superfine merino wool
  • You have an unlimited access for the purpose of learning and creating. Please use the knowledge from the class to create and sell your products.

    The class is a property of Lena Archbold - Textile Art & Design. You can not resell or teach the class.

    I chosen YouTube unlisted to host my class as this is an universal platform and works in every country.

    This product is non refundable. If you have issues to view this class, it could be due to your Internet connection. I make all the efforts to make sure the class can be accessed by all the customers who bought the product. 



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