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Eco Printing course: painting and printing with leaves, flowers and even weeds.

We had five amazing evenings printing with proper leaves, flowers and weeds as part of the Eco printing course I taught from my studio in Team Valley. The purpose of this course was to learn various eco / botanical printing techniques.

We started printing on paper, while learning the most suitable plants for eco printing. Paper is a cheap material to print on and the students were not afraid to spoilt an expensive silk. We tried various weight paper and learned that the print is more distinctive on a thicker paper. Water colours paper is the best choice for printing with leaves. However, due to its cost, the lining wallpaper is the great substitute.

During our next session, we concentrated with printing on cotton, making samples and learning more about plants. It was fascinating opening bundles with prints. It felt like opening Christmas gifts.

Making more samples on silk gave us confidence then to print scarves, large pieces of fabric and t-shirts.

Lesley discovered the great way to up-cycling her samples creating book covers and mini lam shades.

My students learned many eco printing and medium printing techniques during this course which gave them confidence to experiment further at home. Some of the techniques I taught, I learned from Irit Dulman and medium print from Olga Kazanskaya.

Opening bundles not knowing what to expect actually adds to an excitement.

My next botanical print course is in September 8 and 9 of September.

Best wishes.


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