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Creating Fine Felt. Tips & Tricks

Creating fine felt is my passion. Why choose fine felt?

Fine felt is excellent for wearables. Crafting felted tunics, dresses, jackets, waistcoats, scarves, and hats using fine felt techniques results in beautiful drape and comfort. I not only create fine felt; I wear it too.

First, let's discuss the materials needed to create fine felt.

I primarily use 18.5 - 19 mic Merino wool. However, I've recently started using thicker Merino wool, ranging from 21-22 mic to 23 mic. The difference lies in the feel and appearance: 18.5-19 mic wool feels and looks like paper, thin and sharp, while thicker Merino wool is much softer. You can also add silk, such as Margilan rarefied or Margilan Gauze silk, to provide a beautiful shine without adding much texture. Viscose can also be added. The quantity of viscose determines whether you're aiming to laminate the wool or add texture. More viscose creates more texture and contributes to achieving a beautiful drape.

Now, let's explore the key elements for achieving beautiful fine felt:

  1. Quantity of wool: Make a sample to calculate the amount of wool required for your garment. Using less wool is preferable.

  2. Type of layout: I highly recommend using a herringbone or cloud layout, especially if you want a slight stretch and beautiful drape. A classical layout is also suitable for fine felt, provided the layers are thin. Please refer to my blog for information on different layout techniques. Fine Fibre Layout & How to Achieve and The Main Wool Layouts.

  3. Rolling your felt: Use a plastic pipe during rolling to ensure felting not just in width and length but also in depth.

  4. Avoid 'bashing' your felt during the fulling process. This prevents wool from coming through aggressively and helps you maintain control over shrinkage to avoid over-felting. Take your time with felting and fulling. To read more how to keep laminated wool smooth, please check my blog.

  5. Avoid over-felting: If unsure about the felting process, let the felt dry first.

If you want to master fine felting techniques, consider enrolling in my online pre-recorded classes at Felt With Lena online feltmaking school. By joining these classes, you'll gain access to numerous tips and various feltmaking techniques, all from the comfort of your home. Enjoy unlimited access to purchased classes, direct communication with me for questions, and be part of a global feltmaking community.

If you're reading this blog before May 1st, check out my pre-recorded online class "Let's Felt Cobweb Scarves." We're offering a reduced price from £75 to £69, with enrollment available until April 30th only. Afterward, the class will be exclusively available to purchasers and members of the Felt with Lena Club.

Use the link for more information and enjoy the class creating various cobwebs.

Finally, please check my Facebook Live where I share my tips how to create Fine Felt.

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