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Felting & Fulling Tips

I ran a short Facebook Live talking through my felting and fulling processes tips.

Please check the video link for more information:

A few tips for the felting process:

  1. Use room temperature water, especially when making nuno felt. If you use hot water for nuno felt, the wool can felt faster, not 'grabbing' the silk effectively.

  2. Opt for olive oil soap. There's a chemistry between olive oil soap and wool. In my experience, felting occurs more rapidly when using olive oil soap.

  3. Wear plastic gloves when rubbing the layout. Your hands will slide better when wearing gloves.

  4. Utilize tools such as palm washers, plastic pipes, and a sander.

  5. A sander can speed up the felting process, especially if your layout has multiple layers of non wool fibre.

Tips for the fulling process:

  1. Take it slow and enjoy the process while observing the felt shrink.

  2. Rinse at least half of the soap out. Too much soap can prevent the felt from shrinking adequately.

  3. Employ kneading and rubbing of the felt. Repeat 3-4 times till felt shrinks accordingly the final dimensions you planed.

  4. Avoid throwing the felt too hard.

  5. When the felt is finished, wash it in hot and then cold water. If you want the felt to shrink further, repeat the hot/cold water wash 2-3 times. Finish rinsing the felt in cold water and add vinegar to remove traces of soap.

For more feltmaking tips, please check my online classes at:

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