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Let's ruffle, let's create ruffle scarves and play with colours

Ruffle felted scarves became another popular class. I had many questions, such as:

Lena, how do you create two different sides of the the same ruffle scarf?

How do you achieve the ruffle?

How to achieve fine and well sculptured ruffle scarf?

How to create a lace ruffle scarf?

How to achieve one colour gradually going into another?

These questions made me create an online class. I presented two techniques in one class, how to make a solid ruffle scarf and how to achieve a lace ruffle scarf.

What is great about these techniques is that you can use as little as 60 grams of any merino wool either from 18 to 23 microns of wool or add any fibre, any fabric, neps or wool locks, creating any length or shape. I show you a technique on how to make beautiful ruffle scarves and you can go further and experiment.

This technique lets you also experiment with colours.

I did a facebook live talking about colours. I also have a Pinterest board, which is a really great inspiration for my project. Please check it here.

It has been two weeks into the class and we have many beautiful results from my talented students.

This class can be found at Ruffle Scarf - Playing with Colours.

Thank you


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