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Printing with leaves: eco printing / botanical printing / contact printing and my journey.

Eco printing, botanical print, contact print.....what all this about?

Once upon a time I came across Terriea Kwong amazing eco printing work. She has own style and you can recognise her work, which is sophisticated, unique and elegant.

Terria's beautiful designs encouraged me to learn how to achieve beautiful prints designing my own fabrics. I did lots of self-study first reading Terria's blogs and books of India Flint. My very first print was very dull even then I thought "WoW".

Experimenting further, I started to achieve some prints, but the prints were still not sharp.

It took me long time till I started to achieve sharper and more beautiful prints. However, to do so, I have to travel and learn from Irit Dulman. It is amazing how much time I would save if I attended the class earlier.

The prints created there were sharp and beautiful and it was a beginning of my new journey in botanical printing finding my own ways creating prints with leaves, weeds and flowers based on all my knowledge gained from my teachers and my further experiments.

I then started to experiment adding more vibrant colours making my own designs, mixing few different techniques.

Printing on nuno felt.

....and starting to teach others.

You can find more work of my students on my website and if you find this technique fascinating, then please join me to learn more by attending my Natural Dye and Botanical Print 5 weeks course.

There is a good reason behind the structure of the course. I will teach you a new topic and you will make samples every week spending few hours on Wednesday evening in my studio in Team Valley. You will get a home work and will continue experimenting at home asking me questions at any time and collaborating with other students. This way you will learn more and will be able to have new discussions with a teacher and other students every week. If you would like to book your place, then follow the link for the Natural Dye and Botanical Print. If you have any questions, please give me a shout,


Thank you.

Best Wishes


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