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June Projects From My Students

Starting a feltmaking membership in June and sharing my skills and knowledge with many people who would like to learn more feltmaking techniques and perfect their skills was the best way forward. A new project, new technique, lots of ideas and worldwide community of similar minded people.

A little bit about membership. How does it work.....

I wrote a blog monthly online classes where I explain how my monthly memberships work. Please check.

I want to clarify what is going to happen in July.

We have a few days left before the July class; Medium and Botanical Print will be released. This class will be available from 25th of July. Please check my blog for more information on this class.

If you have not signed up for a membership and would still like to make a June project, nuno felted scarf with leaves, then sign up before 25th of July. 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months memberships will not include a nuno felted scarf with leaves for new subscribers from 25th of July, but only for existing. Your membership will start from July class, medium and botanical print. If you still would like to try nuno felted scarf with leaves, the June project, then sign up before 25th of July or buy a standalone class.

From my students....

I love my job so much for a few reasons. I love sharing and supporting other people. Making videos becoming natural for me and the best way to reach many people while sharing my skills and continue supporting them on their journey with felt.

These are some work from my students who took my membership and created scarves with tassels and many adopted the technique creating own designs.

and check these exciting textures...

Please give me a shout if you have any questions about any of my products, online classes or memberships.

For more information, please check memberships.

Thank you very much for following me, for supporting me and allowing me to share my passion to feltmaking with you.


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